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Meet the Cake Witch

About the Founder

Cottage Cake Witch is a bespoke Queens-based bakery. Paige Fallon (aka "the Cake Witch”), founded the company out of her life-long passions for art, nature, and of course, sweets. 


With a background in art and illustration, Paige applies her training in color theory and design to each of her cakes and cupcake arrangements. While Paige enjoys all baked goods, she has chosen to focus on cakes not only because they are delicious and full of flavorful possibilities, but also because they serve uniquely well as artistic canvases. 


This being said, Paige finds that the use of more conventional cake-decorating mediums such as fondant, gum paste, or fresh flowers can detract from the taste and experience of a beautiful cake. Faced with this conundrum, she has chosen to hone her skills in creating intricate buttercream flowers and designs. Her goal with every cake is to make something completely unique, timelessly beautiful, and most importantly of all, delicious! 


At Cottage Cake Witch, food is art, art is food, and all cakes are made with a little bit of magic. 

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